100 days of school shirt..already!

My daughter J is in Kindergarten, and yesterday her teacher emailed us about the 100 days of school shirt. I cannot believe that it has already been 100 days since she first got on a bus to go to school like a ‘big girl’. We have been learning and growing with her, and it brings us so much happiness to see how much fun she has been having!

I have also been pretty happy with the projects she has been bringing home.I like to make things and I have to confess that the work J needs to get done for school, be it the turkey disguise project or the Christmas tree decoration, makes the inner child in me way too excited. I give her too many ideas against her ‘but mom, how about Elsa?’. Not nice of me, I know.

We made a list of things she wanted. And then we went to Michael’s and walked around for what seemed like an hour. She loves Michael’s and for her, it was as good as being in a candy store . We had put all these into the cart (and then took each of them out when she found something better):



-Foam stickers

-Heart shapes


-Pom poms





And finally this is what she picked, a small packet of 120 teeny flowers. Some glue and all the flowers were on the shirt in no time. We agreed that item #98,#99 and #100 can be poms poms. 🙂

100 days of school shirt
100 days of school shirt