Hello world!

Hello digital world!I am Shikha;mom of two kids, IT professional, wife of super busy non-profit volunteer, occasional dancer,jewelry business owner, chef, mini-van driver, obsessive planner, voracious reader, Netflix binge water, supermom,etc 🙂

This is my third blog. The first one was a daily updated ,much visited and commented upon saga of posts during pre-marriage, pre-kids era. That was more than a decade ago. The second one did not see a lot of love from my side, but I still like to mention it because it is testimony to the fact that I tried to get words flowing from my brain again.

And now I am back again, because I realized that mommy brain (yes,it is a thing, and I have bookmarked a link in my arsenal to be used during mommy brain discussions) is slowly eating at my writing skills, which used to be much better than just writing to- do lists. So I decided to flex my brain cells and keep writing. Another reason I decided to blog again, is because I wanted a place to document things I see,read about,like,hate, the lessons learnt, the things I did wrong(and right)..for my sister,my daughter, for friends,for others who may be looking for some company:)