DIY oil blend for hair growth

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I like telling my daughter J, that when I was a kid I had thick strong hair that was so heavy that I had to finally cut it because it was hurting my neck. She knows I am exaggerating, but it is not all tall tales. I did have double the hair that I have on my head. Except for pregnancy when even pulling on my head would not bring out a single strand( sigh, those were the days).

My mom and her mom and her mom, and all their sisters had butt long hair. All thanks to their regular use of a special oil blend to massage their heads. It could be the oil,it could be the massage ,or a combination of both. But after I left home, my head started to miss my mom’s fingers, as well as hair.

DIY oil blend for hair growth
DIY oil blend for hair growth

I make this DIY oil blend for hair growth in my kitchen regularly, and when I use it, it makes a world of difference. Coconut oil,castor oil,olive oil, black pepper, fenugreek and curry leaves  are all said to promote hair growth and help with premature graying of hair.

For your convenience, I have linked the brands I usually get. Castor oil and olive oil are really optional. Just for an extra boost!

DIY oil blend for hair growth


  1. 1/2 cup Coconut oil
  2. 1/2 cup Olive oil
  3. 1/4 cup Castor oil
  4. 1 tsp Black Pepper
  5. 2 tsp Fenugreek seeds
  6. 10 Curry leaves


1.Heat the coconut oil in a small sauce pan,on medium heat.

2.Add curry leaves,black pepper and fenugreek seeds and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

3.Wait for the oil to cool, and then strain into a clean glass container.

4.Add olive oil and castor oil.Keep the bottle in a cool, dark place.


-I don’t strain my oil, because the leaves and fenugreek seeds at the bottom look pretty!

-Coconut oil can solidify in cooler temperatures. Take a separate bowl,and take a spoonful of oil. Place this bowl in a bowl of warm water. Do not microwave the oil.

100 days of school shirt..already!

My daughter J is in Kindergarten, and yesterday her teacher emailed us about the 100 days of school shirt. I cannot believe that it has already been 100 days since she first got on a bus to go to school like a ‘big girl’. We have been learning and growing with her, and it brings us so much happiness to see how much fun she has been having!

I have also been pretty happy with the projects she has been bringing home.I like to make things and I have to confess that the work J needs to get done for school, be it the turkey disguise project or the Christmas tree decoration, makes the inner child in me way too excited. I give her too many ideas against her ‘but mom, how about Elsa?’. Not nice of me, I know.

We made a list of things she wanted. And then we went to Michael’s and walked around for what seemed like an hour. She loves Michael’s and for her, it was as good as being in a candy store . We had put all these into the cart (and then took each of them out when she found something better):



-Foam stickers

-Heart shapes


-Pom poms





And finally this is what she picked, a small packet of 120 teeny flowers. Some glue and all the flowers were on the shirt in no time. We agreed that item #98,#99 and #100 can be poms poms. 🙂

100 days of school shirt
100 days of school shirt


5 minute Golden Turmeric milk

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The first sign of a sniffle or a cough from anyone at home, and they are immediately served a cup of warm yellow turmeric milk.The first home remedy that we try to stop the cold from getting worse. My handy magic powder:)

Golden Turmeric milk
Golden Turmeric milk

Turmeric is a widely used spice in India. We use it in food, to cure colds and other ailments, on the face for brighter skin, on cuts and bruises( it stings like crazy!). With its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties, it is also said to be good for swelling,joint pains,and arthritis.

But personally, it has been my go to for colds. A cup of the milk before bed does wonders, and another cup some time in the morning. The extra calcium wouldn’t hurt either. My kids are not very fond of the taste. And I cannot blame them. It does take some getting used to. And seeing me put the same yellow powder that I use in chicken curries, in their milk, is not helping either. So along with the ‘magic yellow powder‘ , I add a teaspoon of honey (even better for coughs), and a few sprinkles 8-| .

How to make it

It is a quick and simple recipe. For an 8 oz cup of turmeric milk:

1.Heat the milk on stove top (Microwaving for about 30 seconds is perfectly fine).

2.Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder, and stir.

3.Add a teaspoon of pepper powder. Pepper is supposed to help in the absorption of turmeric.

4.Optional: Add honey/cardamom pods/cinnamon/sprinkles. I like mine plain and strong.

5.Strain and pour it into a cup. (Caution: Use a glass or steel cup. Any light colored cups will get stained for sure.)

And that’s it! The next day, I add a pinch to my warm cereal as well.

Where to find turmeric

Turmeric is available in all Indian stores, and stores like Whole Foods. I am kind of paranoid about additives, especially when the milk turns out to be yellower than actual gold. My grandparents have turmeric plants at their house in India. And they make powder out of the roots for their use. When I visit India, I usually bring some back:). And when that runs out, I get an organic brand from here. Also, the paranoia extends into the usage of most powders. So I use pepper corns and crush them,instead of using the powder :D. One of my (many) goals this year is to try to grow a turmeric plant here. Atlanta weather might actually work.

Just be careful when using turmeric, because real turmeric can leave stubborn stains,on your clothes,fingers and your cookware.

Enjoy the warmth!



Hello world!

Hello digital world!I am Shikha;mom of two kids, IT professional, wife of super busy non-profit volunteer, occasional dancer,jewelry business owner, chef, mini-van driver, obsessive planner, voracious reader, Netflix binge water, supermom,etc 🙂

This is my third blog. The first one was a daily updated ,much visited and commented upon saga of posts during pre-marriage, pre-kids era. That was more than a decade ago. The second one did not see a lot of love from my side, but I still like to mention it because it is testimony to the fact that I tried to get words flowing from my brain again.

And now I am back again, because I realized that mommy brain (yes,it is a thing, and I have bookmarked a link in my arsenal to be used during mommy brain discussions) is slowly eating at my writing skills, which used to be much better than just writing to- do lists. So I decided to flex my brain cells and keep writing. Another reason I decided to blog again, is because I wanted a place to document things I see,read about,like,hate, the lessons learnt, the things I did wrong(and right)..for my sister,my daughter, for friends,for others who may be looking for some company:)